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A Moment


This was yesterday’s moment. They’re hard to come by these days. All the more reason to fight for them I suppose. It took place around two in the afternoon – between stints of tears from the two-month old. This moment (which amounted to quickly consuming a Peets-style snack in the comfort of my own living room) had a regenerating power beyond its actual qualities. There’s something about stepping away – even for a few minutes – that allows me to catch my breath and move forward with whatever it is that I’m really supposed to be doing.

The reason for the new blog is two-fold. It turns out that the other one was receiving occasional visits from unsavory types. Unfortunate. I’d been wanting to change things up a bit and this forced the issue. So, here we go again … my blog stats are set back to zero. In the coming months, I plan to spend some of my moments right here – reflecting on the mundane and all of its particulars. I hope that you’ll join me from time to time. 


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