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O Holy Night


Attending an event for Hands and Feet Project where our family along with thirty others had the chance to connect with Haitian orphans by way of penning letters and praying in hopes of encouraging them at Christmastime

Receiving a grown up nativity scene from my mom

Watching Hannah take her role in her Christmas program (all four words) VERY seriously … and the angels sang!

Listening to Christmas music

Pivoting my way to a team victory (yes, beating Phil’s team) in our annual oatmeal bagging race for Project Understanding. My days as a point guard were worthwhile afterall.

Receiving Christmas cards and letters from all over the world

Witnessing Hannah leap down the stairs both thrilled and taken aback with a racecar tangled in her hair (Christmas gift for…oh I mean from Papa) 🙂

Phil’s blessing before our Christmas meal

Vietnamese food and fellowship with good friends on Christmas Eve while the babes slept

Ultimately relaxing in the fact that creating meaningful traditions take time. Relaxing in the knowledge that we serve a God who requires much of us and extends extraordinary grace through the process.  Desiring to leave behind the unnecessary chaos and excesses surrounding this season and adding meaningful experiences in their place. Understanding more than ever the basic needs that so many go without each day. Wanting to make a difference. Hoping that our family can.  



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Three-fourths of your family members have head colds

It is seventy degrees outside

Your daughter sees the fall leaves floating to the ground and decides that it’s a great idea to go rake them up… with our brooms

And so you do

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Flexibility: Willing or disposed to yield; pliable

 While I feel little need to literally suck on my toes, it does seem as though added pliability would serve my soul well during this chapter of my life.

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A New Tradition

Halloween is never going to go down as this family’s favorite holiday. I’d say that Hannah remains marginally excited about it. When you live in a house that doesn’t allow much candy consumption and you’re a kid whose allergic to dairy (which means you can’t have two-thirds of the Halloween candy anyway) then it’s just not that big of a deal. Still, the fact remains that every year Hannah, dressed up as something other than herself, gathers a fair amount of candy come October 31st. We’re then left wondering what to do with it.

Last year, she decided all on her own to package wads of candy up in individually decorated brown bags and give miniature Snickers, Dots and the likes as Christmas presents to all of the adults who attended our festivities. They were each kind enough to accept her gift and in so doing helped lower our odds of tooth decay.

Well, this year Nana delivered a great conduit  for October’s stash. She purchased a gingerbread house kit and came over this week to construct it. Collectively, we decided that trick-or-treat candy would work perfectly for decorating this hypothetically edible abode. 

These two worked for two and a half hours on this project. It turns out that this dwelling actually has residents! Over twenty gummy bears are now calling this place home.

 Boo was on hand too … between napping and milk-drinking, that is. We all laughed thinking about next year and that we’ll have a little toddler to contend with during construction.   

Nana, a perfectionist by nature, was incredibly gracious in encouraging Hannah to be completely…well…Hannah throughout the entire construction process. When I took the kindergartener to school, Nana stayed on and put some final touches on the house…including a chimney constructed out of Frosted Mini Wheats.

Here’s the finished product! Nana and I carefully transferred the completed house upstairs and onto Hannah’s dresser for the holiday season. A very fun day and likely a tradition for years to come.


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Two Front Teeth

In my last post I noted how thankful I was that my big girl was feeling better after a nasty flu bug. She was well enough to take a walk on the bluffs Thanksgiving Day. While I sprayed Oust and washed hands like the best of moms, I did make one classic blunder.

As we headed out to hike I realized that I hadn’t packed her Klean Kanteen. Knowing hydration was never more important to keep this girl moving, I handed mine over (those who know me well know that this is no small thing). I will save the intricacies of my relationship with my water bottle for another day.  

Come Friday we were all in the kitchen chatting when I reached for my water bottle and took a big drink. The strange thing was that it had a really sweet taste on the spout…like tangerine…like the tangerine that Hannah had devoured on her hike while drinking my water bottle the day before! Somehow the kanteen made it into the house but did not take a ride through the dishwasher. Exactly two days later my throat started to feel a bit funny. I clocked out for three solid days as I contended with flu symptoms strikingly similar to Hannah’s.

So while not much has changed here this past week, I did want to update with a couple of fun pictures of the girls.

Hannah spent part of her flu downtime wiggling, then twisting and finally yanking her second top tooth out. She’s now sporting the perfect look for the season and has been caught singing the fitting holiday tune a time or two.


While we’re giving the food thing a bit of a break, Hailey has been enjoying sitting in her high chair with toys these days. She seemed glad to have Mommy back in the swing today and not just acting as her drop-in feeding station every three hours.


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