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Good Enough

“…in order to flourish, children don’t need the best of everything. Instead they simply need what is good enough. This may include good enough (but dull) homework assignments, good enough (but a little crabby or uninspired) teachers, good enough (although insect-infested and humid) summer camps, and good enough (although bossy and shallow) friends. Consider that good enough can often be best for your child, because when life is mostly ordinary and just occasionally extraordinary, your child won’t end up with expectations of herself and those around her that can’t  be met on this worldly plane.”

 Wendy Mogel, Ph.D. in The Blessing of a Skinned Knee

Thoughts anyone? I’d love to hear from friends and lurkers alike 🙂



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A Jones Family Visit

 Our New Year began with a long-awaited Jones family visit. We had a great time together and I realized more than ever how thankful I am for lasting friendship. Since we live in different states (I won’t get into whose state is better…except I will say that mine does have an ocean and stays a lot warmer this time of year) we get the opportunity to live in each other’s quarters from time to time. 

We’ve now known each other for eighteen years. That’s a fair amount of life, really. This season, it seems from self-observation, involves less showering (on the part of the adults), much more meal preparation, fragmented conversations that somehow still involve depth, head colds, band aids, gaining a deep appreciation for minivans and their capacity for multiple car seats, bulb syringes, Two Buck Chuck, diapers and large amounts of enthusiasm over a hostess gift of a sound machine (for Hailey’s room). 

Here’s a few pictures highlighting the ventures that our now sand-filled minivan took us on.

We took the kids to the Carp bluffs where they waved at the Surfliner train, wandered the trails, trekked down to the beach and watched the seals and their pups play on the shoreline.

Hannah was given the film Walking on Water for Christmas this year from her good buddy, Austin. She is now completely convinced that she’ll be surfing by next year. Aspen Jones concurs.

Little Hailey Elizabeth got a good dose of the beach this week. She also cut her first tooth and continued weathering her first cold (enter bulb syringe comment above). Still, she seemed to have lots of fun being held by Janna, riding around in the Ergo Baby and watching the big kids do their big kid things. 

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