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8 Months

 The littlest H has reached her eighth month of life on the outside. She’s got all sorts of new tricks up her sleeve. The title of my blog feels especially appropriate these days, as interruptions abound. I have several thoughts stored up that I hope will someday translate into posts. For now, I’m going to sign off with some pictures from our day.  


This smile was inspired by her big sis who was being her animated and exuberant self through the shower glass.


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Farmer’s Market

This was the best twelve dollars I spent all week! Here’s what’s on deck in the eating department for the littlest one (pureed carrots, squash, broccoli, spinach). As far as the rest of us are concerned, I’m making a few favorites from my vegetable loot – tabbouleh and potage.  

Thanks farmers.

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Valentines Day in our parts involved the following:

Homemade cards, blueberry pancakes, new pink leggings for Hannah (to replace her beloved summer leggings that were well beyond stain remover), matching days of the week socks for the girls from P and N (I always dreamed of days of the week underwear when I was a kid, so this gift was especially fun to receive), church (three cheers for the cry room), a spontaneous lunch with friends (Subway and Margaritas), Hannah’s inaugural Rollerblade ride (and fall), seventy degree weather, a Peets date with Phil and our shared chocolate croissant (we built a spreadsheet that pleased us both for different reasons) and grilled fish tacos wrapped in homemade tortillas and really great sauce with my mom.   

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For nearly six years I lived in the land of tending to a single child. As with most things in life, caring for an only child has lots of upsides. It also holds a handful of unique challenges that I’ll save for another day. 

To be honest, I found the lack of chaos that just one child brought to suit my Type A tendencies quite well. I would hear friends lament about mounds of laundry and driving off to preschool with their reheated coffee on the top of the car and frankly, I would stand there in both wonderment and relief that my life had not come to that.

It wasn’t judgement as much as it was proverbial head-scratching, really. It seemed to me at the time that if my harried friends would just take the twenty minutes on Sunday evening after their kids were in bed to schedule out their weeks with a bit more discipline, they too could have fresh vegetarian fare on the table at six and laundry folded and put away by Tuesday evening.


On June 18th, 2009 that all changed in the Stone household. I’ve eaten a very large portion of crow which has felt especially disgusting to the girl who loathes ingesting any form of bird. Thankfully as an introvert I only thought all those things…although I know that’s a lousy excuse when it comes right down to it. How a six pound being can catapult you into a state of chaos which somehow feels sweet and horribly irritating all at the same time is still beyond me, but here I stand.

I am now that mom! 

 Since Hailey arrived, I’ve been known to…

Remember that there were darks in the washer four days later (and three days too late to avoid a second wash due to their now musty condition)

Graft hair drying into the rhythm of my Sunday morning routine as something special and set apart from the rest of my week

Leave my inbox smeared across the loft for a week at a time believing that tomorrow I will get to the bottom of it

Pay my older and no longer only child ten cents to clean our toilet bowls that go surprisingly downhill in a relatively short amount of time

Drive around town in a minivan littered with relatively small yet still annoyingly present levels of pistachio shells, random Tupperware lids, sand, weathered canvass shopping bags, leaves, one baby sock and day-old coffee in a travel mug (that I might even take a drink of if push comes to shove)

Go to a well baby check up only to find out that my not-so-well baby is sporting a double ear infection unbeknownst to me

Rationalize that hula-hooping really is a good form of excercise and that it might even be able to take the place of that swim I missed the day before

Unexpectedly find big H to have superb climbing skills by way of a kind and concerned gentleman approaching me with the simple question of whether I was actually okay with her present perch

While you might not believe me at this point, on most days I still find more order than not (I can’t help myself). I’d like to think that Hailey’s arrival on the scene has broadened me a bit. I get it – I get that mom. And her life is surprisingly rich. 


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