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April Flowers

We’ve had a full couple of weeks. I intended to write along the way and didn’t. I loathe getting too far behind in anything in life (although I am getting better at accepting this unfortunate reality). Still, I’ve decided that the best way to catch up is to post a handful of my favorite pictures and then call it even.

Hope your weekend is a good one!


Auntie Alison flew out from North Carolina to see us and meet Hailey a couple of weeks back. We went to farmer’s market, ate great food, hiked in La Jolla Canyon (and took pictures of blooming Yucca’s) and played and played…and played! The girls were captured by her – such energy and fun.  We’re so glad she came.


Once Alison left, the girls and I headed to Carlsbad to see my friend Shannon and her family for a few days. The ranunculus were blooming and we spent her birthday morning at the flower fields with the kids.

 There’s something so unique about sharing life alongside girlfriends. Shannon and I met in college. We had the same major, and by senior year all the same classes. We have funny memories involving care packages, Professor Mullen and, well…we will leave it at that. These stories and others do send us laughing, and probably always will. Still, what I’m most thankful for is that fifteen years later I can arrive on her doorstep with my girls in tow and feel entirely at home. What a gift!  


My littlest is getting big! She turned ten months this past week. She’s climbing stairs, flashing toothy grins, eating fancy food and trying really hard to say something other than “da, da, da.”  Hailey has completed us in ways that I never imaged a little person could. I’m so very thankful for Boo.


My Mom’s birthday is this week. In honor of this, she and I stole away for nearly four hours today with our cameras and without children to take part in a Garden Tour around the city.

We had such a great time meandering the grounds and deciding which of the residences we’d like to live in. I selected the one with the cute bird houses and swimming pool and the Pilates studio out back (which I’d change into a guest suite because I absolutely do not like Pilates one bit). My Mom ultimately leaned toward the property on the orchard with beautiful rose gardens and an artist studio (which I’m sure she’d be glad to share with Phil).

Happy Birthday Mom.


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Savvy @ Six

Lately, Little H has been cramping my style when it comes to getting anything done. In her quest to discover (i.e. pull up on everything, attempt to walk and sticking nearly every uneatable object in her mouth) my everyday tasks are slipping. Enter Big H and her brilliant idea of sticking the littlest inside the laundry basket so that we could get our piles sorted. All three of us enjoyed this respite for separate reasons ranging from amusement to efficiency. Later the sunken bathtub (empty) transformed into a playpen. Happy children, happy Mommy. Tasks complete. It turns out that necessity is indeed the mother of invention in this household these days.

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Weekend Recap

Here’s a few pictures (and words) to sum up last weekend.

You know that you’re off to a good start when Friday afternoon finds you welcoming in friends who are passing through (with multiple bags of hand-me-downs for Boo and fresh picked produce from their backyard). Thanks again Eackers!

I heart oatmeal! I eat it almost every day and feel incredibly excited about it…so much so that I find myself photographing my breakfast. Okay, so maybe that last part isn’t true. Actually, I’m collecting pictures for a cookbook I’m making for Krista prior to her departure to Argentina. I’m doing this because I love her and will miss her and want to make sure that I’m never far from her mind when we are thousands of miles apart. So, here’s hoping that organic quick oats mixed with rice milk and topped with fresh fruit and cinnamon will somehow conjure up warm fuzzies of yours truly! 

Finding this waterfall while hiking with….

…these people.

Wildwood Park is a great place, especially in the spring. We traveled there by way of Farmer’s Market (I needed olives for book club), Subway (for our post-hike lunch at a nearby park) and CVS pharmacy (because I left my purse in the garage and therefore had no diapering supplies). Oops. It’s funny how a simple hike can become a bit of a logistical feat when you take all this plus a morning nap (by way of cruise control and the slow lane) into consideration. Regardless, we pulled it off and had a really great morning.

Feeding our baby dairy products (without her throwing them back up). It’s the small victories, I know. This past week I gave Hailey a tablespoon of goat yogurt and then held my breath for the next three hours. Not literally of course. Still, I’m realizing more and more that Hannah’s allergy to cow’s milk has left me a bit gun-shy when it comes to introducing all things white and creamy to Hailey. So far so good.

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