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It’s been great having Hannah home this summer. Now that VBS is done, we’ve settled into a mellower mode (relatively speaking of course). Still, it has lent itself to fun events like today’s spontaneous tea party. Hannah and I have probably had 3,000 or so tea parties in our loft over the past four years. This was Boo’s first one and she really seemed to enjoy herself. Plastic food with velcro does wonders for a teething baby.

Monkey see…

Monkey do!


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The sun finally reappeared this week and we headed straight for the beach. Nana joined us and I was reminded once again that Hailey is simply smitten with her. There’s no better way to put it. When Boo was just tiny, Nana would lean in close and hum a sweet and quiet song. Hailey loved this. Yesterday at the beach I handed her over so that I could grab the Ergo and strap the tired baby in while the big girl dug in the sand with friends. I came back to find the two dancing near the shore and Hailey’s expression says it all.


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July 1st

Inspired by our friend Audrey (who started preparing dinner for her family once a week at seven) we’re aiming to move this way with Hannah as well. I thought a great entry point would be for her to take the helm in preparing cupcakes for her actual birthday (her party was the last week in June so that traveling grandparents could be present). I moved the Kitchen Aid to the island and handed her the recipe. She took it from there. It was so fun to watch her – you could tell she felt very proud. They turned out great in the end. She only flew off the kitchen stool once while reaching a bit too far for an ingredient.

It was a proud moment watching her operate the Kitchen Aid without my help.

Some parents take action shots of their kids playing soccer. This mom finds great pleasure in snapping kitchen pics.

It’s all in the wrist ūüôā

Ready for the oven

Cooling carrot cakes

Happy Birthday big girl! We love you.

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A Cooking Party

Hannah turned seven on July 1st. This year, she wanted a party and so we complied. I can’t say that throwing kid birthday parties is my strong suit. Thankfully, I had two things working in my favor for this year’s celebration.

1. My child is an introvert at heart and asked if she could keep her guest list to four kids. Fine by me. She also wanted her three local grandparents included. So, between grandparents and parents we had a one-to-one ratio going, less the baby.

2. I happened upon a great post on Simple Bites that provided me with the perfect framework for Hannah’s big day.

Balloons speak Hannah’s love-language loud and clear. So, we procured seven balloons for a seven year-old.

¬†Homemade birthday banner by Phil Stone. Every day is a great day to make a banner if you’re Hannah. We knew this had to be part of the festivities as well. It’s now hanging up in her room (most likely a permanent fixture).

Flowers from the Farmer’s Market and homemade aprons created by Nana (using dish towels from Cost Plus) for each guest.

Pizza kitchen prepped for the party guests

Fresh squeezed lemonade

Making Pizzas

Fruit Kabobs

Cupcake decorating station (they decorated two – one to eat and one to take home)

This was the part where the kids got to be brave tasters and brave smellers. We blindfolded them and let them explore their senses sniffing things like cinnamon, coffee and vinegar and tasting treats like avocado and honey and trying to guess what it was.

Decorated take-out boxes to carry their second cupcake home. Every guest decided that they’d share their generously¬†ornamented second cake with their younger sibling. Pretty sweet.


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Catching Up


It’s been awhile since my last post. During my online hiatus, we’ve celebrated several¬†Stone girl birthdays, bemoaned June Gloom creeping into July,¬†bid all local grandparents adieu on their trips to Chicago and Europe, pondered how we might educate our big H next year, enjoyed¬†holding¬†seven baby bunnies¬†at our neighbor’s house, remembered that human babies like to sleep at home¬†when they’re cutting four teeth (i.e. we came home two days early from our house-sitting/pooling swimming adventure at Papa and Nana’s),¬†decided to use our extra time now that we weren’t vacationing¬†to organize the garage, Hannah’s craft area and our junk drawer and finally, continued to wonder how to rid our house of moths.¬†

I’ll follow this post with several more – mainly pictures to get us back up¬†to date on my one and only way of¬†documenting Stone life.

Hope summer is treating you well! 

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