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Not sure if you ever do this, but when I decide I’m going to revise some facet of my life, I have a really hard time staying focused on the predefined responsiblity in the meantime. In today’s terms, I’ve decided that I’m going to update my blog and give it an address all its own.

The I in this scenario would better be stated as we…seeing that without my better half and his ability to master all things technological, this facelift would not be occurring. I have big and small ideas for my new virtual home, but mostly am just ready for a clean slate. There’s something beautiful about revision. In college I rearranged my dorm furniture about every two months. Is it possible to love revising while also loathing change? It must be.

All that to say, I’ve thought about posting countless times. But then, I stop myself – figuring that each of these virtual contemplations would be better suited for the new blog. And time ticks on. 



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